The Innovators in Surface Preparation- Surface Preparation Machines and Accessories

ADDRESS Blastrac Germany GmbH
Richard-Byrd-Str. 15
50829 Köln - Germany
CONTACT Rudi Zylla
PHONE +49 221-70 90 32 0

Blastrac is the leading international developer and manufacturer of surface preparation equipment. We have a full range of over 50 different machines for preparing & maintaining floors and other surfaces of all kinds of materials. Our innovative techniques are developed in-house, on demand through our strong R&D Department. Our range of equipment includes:

Shot Blaster, Horizontal Steel Blasters, Vertical Steel Blaster, Scarifiers, Mullti-task Vehicles, Hand Held Equipment, Single Disc Floor Grinder, Floor Stripper, Dust Collectors. When looking at the use of our equipment we make a distinction between several industries. In these industries some of our machines have specific applications.

These industries are: Remediation, Industrial Flooring, Decorative Flooring, Airports, Highways, Steel.

Blastrac Green Technology- Blastrac offers eco-friendly surface preparation solutions in several industries. Our machines don‘t use chemical substances or waste valuable drinking water. For a clean environment and future.