Using 3D maps to find your contamination with Createc’s N-Visage 3D Radiation Characterisation System

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Createc is an innovative technology company using advanced imaging systems to solve decommissioning challenges in radiation characterisation and radiation protection.

The N-Visage system provides invaluable information for planning and managing decommissioning projects, saving time and reducing dose exposure for nuclear workers. 

N-Visage instruments collect images, radiometric and 3D data from an environment - the right instrument is selected from the range, dependant on dose levels, man access, contaminations etc. The instruments can be deployed manually or remotely with ground and aerial unmanned vehicles.

N-Visage Fusion software combines the data from the instruments to build up a 3D model showing the location of radiation sources on the model surface. Decommissioning scenarios can be modelled in the software showing the resultant changes in dose levels in the environment.

Createc is based in the UK and has been working with nuclear facilities in the UK, Europe and the USA, as well as a full programme at Fukushima in Japan.

Established in 2010 the company has combined decades of experience of the nuclear industry with exploitation of the latest technologies in sensors and applied imaging. The result is a range of products and technologies for radiation imaging, that can fully characterise even the most challenging environments.

Createc is also developing a next generation solution for robotics used in remote decommissioning.

The programme is called Elephants to Ants - rather than using huge demolition robots, the approach is to integrate a number of smaller robots in a flexible, dynamic way. Createc has demonstrated the potential of modular off-the-shelf units that can be rapidly and reliably reconfigured whenever unexpected challenges arise, as they always will. This will accelerate decommissioning and maximize re-use of technology across projects, sites and countries.