Leading in Environmental Radiation Detection

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85540 Haar / Munich - Germany
CONTACT Dmitrii Chernykh
PHONE +49 89 45 66 57-0

For 30 years, our customers have been relying on ENVINETís solutions in monitoring environmental parameters. With over 4,500 online detectors in operation, we are the leading manufacturer of networks for the monitoring of environmental radiation.

ENVINETís products and solutions reflect the experience and innovative capacity of our team. Our name stands for top quality and both extremely reliable and functional solutions.

We create turnkey integrated solutions for radiation monitoring, especially: 

  • Nationwide early warning systems
  • Ring monitoring systems around nuclear plants
  • Area monitoring systems within nuclear facilities
  • Water monitoring systems for use in either sweet or salt water
  • Mobile solutions for the detection and localization of radioactive contamination 
  • Deployable probes for temporary dose rate monitoring in variable locations

ENVINET offers a full range of products from detector to central control and analysis software, including all required local services and training, thereby providing optimally configured functionality. We also offer a seamless integration with other systems for monitoring of non-radioactive parameters such as meteorological or air quality and decision support systems (DSS), providing a solid complete solution for on-line environmental monitoring.

Our solutions find an application in ensuring radiation safety and implementing radiation protection during decommissioning and remediation of nuclear sites.