Factair are a Market-Leading Manufacturer of Breathing-Air Systems and Test Instruments Specifically Designed for the Nuclear Industry and Available for Sale or Hire.

ADDRESS Factair Limited
49 Boss Hall Road
IP1 5BN Ipswich - United Kingdom
CONTACT James Coleman
PHONE +44 1473 746400

Factair is a specialist manufacturer of breathing-air systems for the Nuclear industry.

With over 40 yearsí experience in the design and manufacture of packages we can produce bespoke systems in portable, containerised and skid mounted formats to suit your requirements. These systems are available in self- contained diesel engine driven units or electrically powered versions. These systems are the ideal solution for nuclear decommissioning projects where a secure source of airline breathing-air is required for suit based work. Factair can offer these systems for sale or hire.

In addition to these Factair has a range of filtration systems which are able to filter compressed-air into breathing-air, well in excess of the requirements of EN12021:2014. These systems include optional temperature control systems to reduce or raise the breathing-air supply temperature and improve the comfort of suit wearers.

As well as breathing-air distribution systems Factair is a market leader in breathing-air quality test instruments. At this yearís ICOND Factair will be showcasing its latest electronic air quality testinginstruments. These units, which are available in both portable and stationery continuous monitoring versions, provide accurate readings for a range of air quality standards including breathing-air to EN12021 (and medical and surgical air to HTM 02-01 / EU Pharmacopeia).

For portable instruments Factair offers the F8000 Safe Air Tester. Mounted in a PELI case this instrument tests electronically for VOC, CO, CO2, O2, H2O and oil aerosol with an Impactor. With a large 175mm touch screen colour menu driven display and rechargeable batteries/mains operated it can also continuously monitor and data log results for up to 3 months. Test results are downloadable as either individual test results or a data log file to PC software. The instrument will test against a range of international breathing-air standards or alternatively user defined criteria. 

When the application requires continuously monitoring Factair offers the F8100 Safe-Air Monitor. This again tests electronically for VOC, CO, CO2, O2, H2O and oil aerosol with an Impactor. The instrument has a touch screen colour menu driven display and is mains power operated with rechargeable battery backup.