Process Instrumentation, Measurement Solutions and Services for safe Operation and Decommissioning

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In nuclear facilities and nuclear power plants, process instrumentation has a very important role: the functional safety and accuracy of measurements in the process is essential for a safe and efficient operation during decommissioning phase. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, KROHNE is one of the market leaders in industrial process measurement technology with over 3,900 employees worldwide.

Our Nuclear Industry Division comprises a dedicated team of engineers and technicians that develop process instrumentation and measurement solutions specific for nuclear projects with a high level of safety consideration in all project procedures. We offer proven designs and engineered solutions for flow, level, temperature and pressure measurement for nuclear island as well as for turbine island e.g. steam/water cycle systems, cooling systems, emergency power generation or auxiliary systems. Our product range includes dedicated devices resistant to radiation and/or seismic. We also provide complementing project management, design and calculations, qualification, testing and documentation services.

KROHNE holds all relevant approvals and certifications for design, manufacturing and testing of instrumentation for nuclear power plants (e.g. ASME Section III, RCC-M) as well as qualifications and test reports according to IEEE 323, IEEE 344, and RCC-E for safety related applications.