Lynkeos Technology is the first Company Worldwide to Commercialise Muon Imaging for the Characterisation of the Contents of Nuclear Waste Containers.

ADDRESS Lynkeos Technology Ltd.
11 The Square, University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ Glasgow - United Kingdom
CONTACT Prof. Dr. Ralf Kaiser
PHONE +44 7828 857457

Lynkeos Technology is an award-winning spin-out from the University of Glasgow, founded in August 2016 to commercialise its novel Muon Imaging System (MIS). We have designed, developed and demonstrated this state-of-the-art, passive 3D imaging system for use within the nuclear industry. Lynkeos is the first company in the UK, and one of only six companies worldwide, developing this innovative 'muography' technology that uses naturally-occurring background radiation to inspect the contents of complex structures. Lynkeos focuses on nuclear waste characterisation, civil engineering structural health inspection and monitoring, nuclear safeguards verification and energy asset decommissioning as the commercial applications for its technology. 

The MIS locates, identifies and produces accurate 3D images of materials and voids present within dense and/or shielded structures such as nuclear waste containers and reactors, masonry bridges and civil infrastructure. The imaging results are used for risk evaluation to underpin industrial safety cases, quality assurance and preventative maintenance planning. There is currently no other practical means of producing this information without the use of very high levels of artificial radiation, destructive intrusion or manual intervention.

Lynkeos has developed a full-scale MIS and successfully demonstrated its ability to provide high-resolution 3D imaging of small fragments of uranium within shielded, concrete-filled containers. The technology has been developed through seven years of collaborative funding totalling £4.8 million from Sellafield Ltd. on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency (NDA) and in
collaboration with National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL). Manufacture, accreditation and deployment of a CE-certified MIS to the NNL Central Laboratory facility at Sellafield was undertaken in 2018 through a £1.6 million First-Of-A-Kind Deployment of Innovation contract with Innovate UK. This is the first deployment worldwide of muon imaging technology within the civil nuclear industry.