Your Radiation Shielding Production Facility

ADDRESS Nuclear Shields B.V.
Akkervoortweg 5
5827 AP Vortum-Mullen - The Netherlands
CONTACT Rens Korsten
PHONE +31 485 561 140

Nuclear Shields is a manufacturer of radiation shielding based in the Netherlands with more than 40 years of experience. The production facility is designed to meet the requirements of long term serial production and one-off custom projects. 

Lines of communication are short due to our small team of sales and engineering personnel. The focus on good and fast communication with the client helps us improve our services every day and makes sure the customer is satisfied.

Our production facility includes all departments needed to fully complete long term serial production and one-off custom projects.

Departments include:

  • Lead casting department
  • Full CAD/CAM design
  • CNC machining department (5-axis, milling and turning)
  • Spray-painting department
  • Assembly department
  • QC department, including CMM and gamma cameras

Next to the standard solutions, we manufacture radiation shielding solutions based on customer specific requirements and drawings. Communication lines during this process are short to make sure all needs are satisfied. Our standard products can be found on our website.

We manufacture a wide array of radiation shielding solutions, such as:

  • Nuclear waste containers / casks
  • Shielded glove boxes
  • Shielded shutters
  • Shielded storage boxes
  • Custom lead parts