NucTecSolutions GmbH - Radiation Protection, Decommissioning and Emergency Management

ADDRESS NucTecSolutions GmbH
Salzstraße 8
82194 Gröbenzell – Germany
CONTACT Martin Rathgeber
PHONE +49 160 1644 564

NucTecSolutions GmbH was founded in 2006 as a radiation protection services and demolitions company. As a multidisciplinary service company, NucTecSolutions GmbH has the possibility to provide services of all kind with radioactive substances in all areas. Due to the unique company structure, we connect planning and project planning with the targeted implementation on site with a precise working team of young, technically competent employees.

Our Developments in measurement technology, handling techniques and decontamination processes, together with our own infrastructure, like many analysis- and mobile-units, as well as a first-class trained team, allow projects to be efficiently interlinked. This combination provides a efficient service in radiation protection, decommission and renovation at the highest level of cost effectiveness. A direct connection between planning, radiological analysis, the actual dismantling, decontamination and measurement for the release of radioactive material is quite usefull for small- to medium-sized projects.

Our main services are:

  • Dismantling and decommission
  • Waste treat management
  • Decontamination and measurement of large surfaces and buildings
  • Radiation protection engineering
  • Project engineering

After several incidents, NucTecSolutions GmbH decided in 2014 to include services for nuclear emergency into the portfolio. Since 2019 the services for nuclear emergency are outsourced to the newly established SENS (Special Forces Nuclear Safety) to further improve the capabilitys to handle nuclear emergencys. 

NucTecSolutions GmbH stands for high-level radiation protection combined with efficient dismantling.