The Core Team of Nuclear Experts

Jääkärinkatu 33
50130 Mikkeli - Finland
CONTACT Joel Maunula
PHONE +358 50 575 1372

Platom Oy is the leading private nuclear expert in Finland that provides expertise and excellent products for the nuclear industry. What makes our know-how special is that we work within one of the most strictly regulated environments in the world. In addition, we are passionate about our work and strive to continually grow as experts and provide the best customer experience to our clients.

Our mission is to increase the cost-efficiency of our clients by executing challenging projects in schedule and offering all nuclear expert services from one provider. Platom’s organization of around 60 highly motivated employees possesses knowlege and experience in a wide variety of related areas, such as Radioactive Waste Management, Decontamination, Decommissioning and Dismantling, Engineering and Equipment Deliveries, Radiation Safety and Protection, UF6 Solutions: Autoclaves and Auxiliaries, Licensing Management and Qualification & Safety and Process Analyses.

Our customers include nuclear power plants, research centres and waste management facilities in Finland and abroad. We have for example designed and delivered:

Waste management systems and apparatus for solid and liquid radioactive waste, cleaning equipment for the reactor cavity and the spent fuel transport cask, autoclaves for legacy waste treatment and nuclear fuel fabrication & dismantling of contaminated waste systems.

Our engineers and experts work together to create the safest and most cost-effective solutions for our customers. The knowledge of the entire organization is available for each project, ensuring the best possible outcome.