Pioneering Coupling Systems for Nuclear Applications

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The functional safety of coupling systems plays a crucial role in both, the operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants. As the world's leading supplier of connection technology, Stäubli Connectors can now offer safe and reliable quick and multi-connect couplings for all applications in the nuclear industry. 

Stäubli, founded in Horgen, Switzerland in 1892, a time at which the use of nuclear technology was still a distant prospect, is now an international group headquartered in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. More than 5,500 employees work in the three business divisions of Connectors, Robotics, and Textile. With 14 production facilities, sales and service offices in 29 countries, and even more agencies in 50 countries, Stäubli is close to its customers around the globe. This worldwide network guarantees short delivery times and optimal customer service. 

As a subsidiary for Germany and Austria, Stäubli Tec-Systems GmbH in Bayreuth, with its Robotics and Connectors divisions, is one of the most important companies within the Group. Stäubli Connectors has made a name for itself as the world's leading manufacturer of quick couplings, multi-coupling systems, and tool-changing systems. Operating and functional safety, service life, efficiency, as well as economy and sustainability distinguish Stäubli's coupling technology.

The Connectors complete program includes advanced connection solutions for liquid media, gases, and electrical energy. Each Stäubli component, including mono-couplers, electrical connectors, and multi-coupling systems for all energy sources, is based on components of exceptional quality and impresses with its first-class workmanship. These solutions set standards in terms of reliability, efficiency, performance, and ergonomics, while increasing productivity and guaranteeing maximum operational safety at the same time. This is one of the reasons that major operators in the nuclear industry around the globe rely on Stäubli. 

Developing and producing high-performance solutions for user-specific tasks is part of the Stäubli strategy. As a reliable partner of the industry for more than 60 years, the experienced Stäubli professionals know the conditions and expectations in the nuclear industry very well. This expertise can be seen in every coupling. 

Proven solutions for almost every application.

Any leakage can have unintended and potentially fatal consequences ñ be it an environmental disaster or a contamination risk for employees. The reliability and durability of the Connectors solutions ensure the highest level of security, so that fitters can work on the equipment with confidence and operators can rely on maximum security.

Stäubli quick couplings and multi-couplings can be found in all sectors of the nuclear industry, be it in breathing-air supply, remote handling, or dismantling and disposal. Remote handling is supported by specially designed couplings that can be easily operated with gripping systems. In addition, couplings can be found on containers for low and medium active waste. Here, the first-class components ensure tightness and safety. 

The series of application examples could be extended at will. In any case, Stäubli is very familiar with the stringent equipment and design standards in the nuclear industry. Thanks to the expertise of the entire Group, tailor-made solutions can also be implemented to meet user-specific requirements.