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Heavy Transport - Next Level

ADDRESS August Alborn GmbH & Co. KG
Planetenfeldstraße 102
44379 Dortmund - Germany
CONTACT Uta C. Alborn
PHONE +49 231 96 10800
August Alborn GmbH & Co. KG is an experienced  and competent family-run company since  1891. We are specialized in heavy lifting, fluids, relocation and transportation of large components, heavy and wide loads in the conventional as well as in the nuclear area.

Individual and economic solutions by the project processing in all areas, perma-nent call availability, careful planning and coordination accompanied with very short – term actions characterize our provision of service. We also provide feasibility studies, detailed routes and time planning, route reconnaissance and obtain the necessary permits.

This is achieved by qualified and committed team of employees, using advanced equipment and  innovative technology. We provide a wide range of transportation devices and special vehicles like saddle trucks, low loaders, flatbed trailers with high pay loads, mobile cranes and special equipment like our 1,440 to. hydraulic gantry. Our new JMG mobile crane with max.  capacity of 35 to. introduces the highest quality   standards:
• the most powerful in compact size,
• the most precise and user friendly with the radio control,
• the most agile and safest among electric cranes.
The responsible use of the environment and  resources is reflected in our quality management  and certified according to ISO 9001:2015 - SCC**  (Version 2011). “If you intend to rebuild yourself, do it every day” has been our motto for 130 years.


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