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Kontaktieren Sie uns +49 2402 127505 111

Brenk Systemplanung GmbH (BS)

ADDRESS Brenk Systemplanung GmbH
Heider-Hof-Weg 23
52080 Aachen - Germany
CONTACT Dr. Jörg Kaulard
PHONE +49 2405 4651-38

BS offers consultancy services for more than 40 years. More than 70 engineers and scientists provide expert knowledge in the areas of radiation protection, nuclear technology, radwaste management including disposal, NORM, software development, mining and environmental management and plant/process engineering. We are located in Aachen (headquarters), Hamburg, Bruchsal and Andernach. Our customers belong to several sectors within the private sector in Germany and outside but also to the German government, regulatory bodies of the German States, foreign governments and international organizations such as IAEA and EC.

Our services in the nuclear sector include all aspects of radiation protection (e.g. activation/shielding calculations, modelling of dispersion of radionuclides, safety assessments) and aspects of decommissioning (e.g. concepts for decommissioning, licensing support, comprehensive support for clearance including e.g. concepts and planning, radiological characterisation, clearance measurements, licensing support, optimization of waste packages).

Our remarkable set of specific measurement devices (e.g. in-situ gamma spectrometers, gammalaboratory spectrometers, contamination NaI-/CsI- monitors, spectrometer) allows us to conduct radiation measurements in a timely manner even under exceptional conditions. Our dedicated software tool PUG3 supports an efficient and traceable planning and conduct of all steps of a clearance process from the early beginning. In the field of radwaste management we provide services related to waste processing, interim storages and disposals itself.

For the later our services cover the entire (project) life cycle of a disposal for both, deep geological and near-surface disposal types.
Employees of BS are appointed members of national advisory commissions (e.g. Commission on Radiation Protection – SSK, Nuclear Waste Management Commission - ESK) and of working groups of international organizations (e.g. IAEA, OECD/NEA).


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