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Kontaktieren Sie uns +49 2402 127505 111

CAEN SyS, the CAEN SpA Spectroscopy Division - Innovative Nuclear Measurement Systems

Via Vetraia 11
55049 Viareggio - Italy
CONTACT Giacomo Mangiagalli
PHONE +39 0584 388 398

CAEN SyS, the Systems & Spectroscopy Division of CAEN Spa, is a worldwide leader in development of Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions, engaged with high performance operations involving Nuclear Facilities, Measurements Laboratories, Security and Safeguards Applications.

CAEN SyS is committed to delivering excepti-onal nuclear measurement instrumentation, expertise and technical support, offering radiation detection instrumentation and integ-rated turn-key solutions with added value and operational benefit for customers, enhancing safety and security through nuclear measurements in the following Areas: SECURITY, SAFETY & SAFEGUARDS, LABORATORIES. CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy Division is built upon CAEN traditions of teamwork and partnership. The CAEN Network Companies (or Group) is a cluster of Companies with excellence know-how.

Decades of collaboration and co-development with very large international research projects have maximized CAEN SyS capability to translate customer ’s needs and expectations into cost-effective and reliable solutions. CAEN SyS enormously benefits from its foundational relationship with CAEN, a world leader in designing multi-input electronics for a wide range of radiation detectors, and nowadays is involved in several leading-edge R&D collaborative projects, to continue expanding and developing expertise in high-level electronic design, and to extend competence and skills into complementary and relevant applications for the benefit of the community.

The longstanding expertise along with the full range of products and service provided by the CEAN Network Companies (or Group) allow CAEN SyS to be at the forefront of innovation and excellence within the culture of safety and security.


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