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Kontaktieren Sie uns +49 2402 127505 111

Innovative Nuclear Measurement Systems

Via Vetraia 11
55049 Viareggio - Italy
CONTACT Giacomo Mangiagalli
PHONE +39 0584 388 398

CAEN SyS, CAEN Systems and Spectroscopy Division, relies upon an extremely strong foundational knowledge of nuclear measurement instrumentation in developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions. These systems and solutions are perfectly suited to operations involving Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plants, Measurements Laboratories, and Security Applications. 

CAEN SyS offers innovative nuclear measurement solutions based on cutting-edge technology. Our solutions are designed to enhance workforce safety, maintain the assets of a nuclear facility, and protect and safeguard the public and the environment both inside and outside a nuclear site. Effective environmental monitoring of a nuclear facility is the cornerstone of any high-quality early warning and detection system. CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division products have been designed to quickly identify a potential accidental release of radiation, thus ensuring safe operational conditions.

CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division offers a diverse array of innovative instruments and solutions ideally suited for several Nuclear Safety-related applications:

  • Technology solutions for contamination assessment, pre-Dismantling, Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste operations
  • Radioactive Waste digitization, tracking via RFID and  
  • spectroscopic processing monitoring (liquid and solid)
  • Gamma Spectroscopy Systems: Portable & Laboratories
  • Customized Nuclear Measurements Systems
  • Mobile Laboratories for Environmental & Nuclear Emergencies
  • Nuclear Fuel quality controls and characterizations


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