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The Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH (cleanLASER) Develops and Produces High-Precision Laser Systems for Industrial Surface Processing.

ADDRESS Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH
Dornkaulstr. 6-8
52134 Herzogenrath - Germany
CONTACT Sergej Retich
PHONE +49 2407 90970
cleanLASER systems are primarily in operation with mold and tool cleaning, paint stripping and decoating as well as cleaning and modification of metallic surfaces. The portfolio of the world market leader ranges from low to high power laser systems, moreover cleanLASER offers flexible workstations, customer specific systems as well as gantry systems. With the cleanNUCLEAR, contaminations with factors of up to 100 % for α and particularly high factors for β and γ radiation can be removed. The homogenized blasting technology makes it possible to gently clean all common geometries and metal materials below the degradation threshold for reuse or recycling.
The process can thus be used economically and in an environmentally friendly manner for both decommissioning and maintenance work on running nuclear power plants. Cleaning using laser light as a dry process replaces the  chemical wet and the mechanical blasting process. The variety of possible applications is large: Production, Dismantling/Bearing, Deployment in the disaster area or Research and development.
The advantages of the technology include:
  • Decontamination factor up to 100 % possible
  • High decontamination area rates with
    > 15 m²/h for slightly adhering contamina-tions (rust, oxides) and > 8 m²/h for solid contamination (hot area, paint)
  • Enormous reduction of hazardous and expensive secondary waste (further development of extraction systems)
  • Flexible technology configurations in mobile or stationary control cabinets, hand-held and/or automated optics, up to 50 m fiber tube package
  • Negligible influence on base material allows reuse of decontaminated devices/products (hardness, tensile and macro tests successful)
  • Prevention of the spread of impurities (corrosion infiltration tests successful)


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