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Kontaktieren Sie uns +49 2402 127505 111

Innovative Technology Solutions for Radiation Characterisation and Robotics - Solving Demanding Decommissioning Challenges

4 Derwent Mills
CA13 0HT Cockermouth - United Kingdom
PHONE +44 1900 828112

Createc is one of the thought leaders for innovation in the nuclear industry. Our strategy is to bridge the gap between university research and industry. We have close working relationships with academia and are often researching similar technologies, but we have an understanding of what it takes to move technologies from research stages and develop them to successful commercial products in the market. And we have demonstrated this with industry firsts in the nuclear industry. Initially, with N-Visage, for high-dose gamma imaging. The N-Visage Scanner was the first instrument to be deployed at Sellafield for gamma imaging through a 6 inch penetration.

RISER was the first on-site radiation imaging with a UAV or Drone also demonstrated at Sellafield inside the Windscale pile. Thirdly, our open platform robotic system, developed after we were one of the winners in the Integrated Innovation in Nuclear Decommissioning competition.

We have a strong track record of taking products and technology to market. We strive to provide end users with a solution to their problem, not just a demonstration of the latest technology. And this is an international capability. We have taken our early-stage innovations and developed a strong export market, particularly in Japan.

We also recognise that we can’t achieve successful on-site integration alone and we have built up strong partnerships with tier 2 suppliers. Createc operate in in three main markets, Nuclear, Defence and Oil & Gas. Our technologies are cross-pollinated through these markets and opportunities are conjoined where possible.


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