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Kontaktieren Sie uns +49 2402 127505 111

Cyclife, your Strategic Partner for Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Projects

20 place de la Défense
Tour EDF PB6 Paris La Défense
92800 Puteaux FRANCE
CONTACT Laurent Degenne
PHONE +33 1 56 65 18 92
Cyclife provides long-term bespoke solutions  for international customers integrating  dismantling and waste management services aiming at reducing cost, planning and waste  generated, as well as recycling valuable  material through its European subsidiaries:  Cyclife France, Cyclife UK, Cyclife Sweden,  Cyclife Engineering, Graphitech and Cyclife Digital Solutions. Its headquarters is based in Paris (France).
  • Cyclife’s three industrial sites treat very-low to intermediate- level waste, providing services such as large component management, waste volume reduction, material recycling, on-site activities with its mobile units, melting, incineration, pyrolysis, consultancy and decommissioning support. Cyclife’s facilities are nuclear licensed to provide best available techniques for waste packaging and volume reduction, as well as material recycling.
  • Cyclife has two highly-skilled engineering centers, Cyclife Engineering and Graphitech.
  • Cyclife Engineering is dedicated to the engineering of decommissioning for light- water and other technologies of reactor, as well as to the project management and the design of radioactive waste storage and treatment facilities.
  • Graphitech focuses on the dismantling of graphite reactors and the development of inno-vative technological tools.
  • Cyclife Digital Solutions offers a decision- making and intervention simulation support, DEMplus® for nuclear, a software based on 3D real-time technologies to obtain calculations combining costs, lead times, waste and dosimetry. Cyclife develops innovative cost-effective solutions, reducing project interfaces applying a waste-led decommissioning approach that optimizes cost and planning while maintaining safety as the number one priority.


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