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Fortum – For a cleaner world

ADDRESS Fortum Power and Heat Oy
Keilalahdentie 2-4
02150 Espoo - Finland
PHONE +358 10 4511

We are a leading clean-energy company developing and offering solutions for our customers in electricity, heating, cooling, as well as solutions to improve resource efficiency. 

For the nuclear industry, we offer outstanding expertise and innovative solutions across technical disciplines and for all phases of the nuclear power plant life cycle. From the design and licensing of a new plant through safe operation of the nuclear power plant all the way to the decommissioning and final disposal of nuclear waste, our 40 years of experience gives us world-leading capabilities.

Expertise over the nuclear waste lifecycle 

As both a nuclear power plant and nuclear waste facility licensee and operator, we have unique experience in optimising strategies and solutions for nuclear waste management. We can help our customers to significantly reduce the waste volumes and waste management costs at nuclear power plants by optimising the entire process, from waste collection to final disposal.

We offer nuclear waste management solutions for new builds, operating nuclear power plants and plants under decommissioning. Tailored to customers' needs, the scope of our delivery can vary from small scale consultancy assignments to turnkey deliveries of waste management solutions.

Unique customer value by innovations 

Our proprietary technologies, like NURES® for nuclide removal, Apros® for dynamic process simulation, ADLAS® for licensing and ReMaint® for maintenance optimisation, enable us to deliver unique customer value and benefits.

We are also pioneers in the nuclear industry in the utilisation of 360° videos, digitalisation, virtual and augmented reality in our daily work to boost efficiency of power plant maintenance, as well as engineering and personnel training.


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