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Competence for Nuclear Services

ADDRESS GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service GmbH
Frohnhauser Straße 67
45127 Essen - Germany
CONTACT Dr. Jürgen Skrzyppek
PHONE +49 201 109-1480

GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH offers comprehensive solutions for the management and disposal of spent nuclear fuel and all types of radioactive waste from the operation of nuclear power plants based on its nuclear expertise of more than 40 years.

For more than three decades, GNS has been responsible for the management of all the radioactive waste and the spent nuclear fuel resulting from the operation of the German NPPs. Its products and services comprise the design and manufacturing of casks and containers for intermediate level waste (ILW) and high level waste (HLW), the construction of equipment for conditioning and packaging of wastes as well as the operation of conditioning facilities and preparations for final disposal. For nearly three decades GNS also operated the central interim storage facilities for HLW, ILW and LLW at Gorleben and Ahaus.

More than 1.800 spent fuel/HLW casks of the CASTOR® and CONSTOR® type and around 8.000 MOSAIK® casks and GNS Yellow Boxes® for ILW are in use today in a number of countries on four continents. This makes GNS the world’s top supplier of shielded transport and storage casks.

GNS treats both solid and liquid radioactive waste and applies suitable treatment processes to ensure acceptability of the waste for interim storage and final disposal. In this context a large number of data and information needs to be acquired, documented and updated. For that GNS offers comprehensive software and database solutions, e.g. for tracking operational waste or residues from decommissioning.

For all phases of decommissioning GNS offers solutions from defueling to dismantling and packaging of RPVs and their internals and also other primary circuit components. Experienced activation calculations facilitate efficient cutting and packaging as well as minimal dose rates.

With its 450 employees GNS achieves a turnover of more than 250 million Euros.


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