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Track your Nuclear Waste, Everywhere it Goes

11, A. Papandreou.
16675 Athens - Greece
CONTACT José Francisco Garcia
PHONE +302 106740295

JE Project is a tech company specialized in creating custom software built around your business needs. We build easy to use and robust databases, which provide key information in real time to personnel in order to maximize their time and efficiency. We also automate many systems and procedures, saving you time and money.

Our tracking system has gained fast recognition in the health and safety departments due to its ability to track the propagation of COVID-19. It is a very reliable tool for today’s safety.

The main purpose and goal of the system is to analyze the behaviors and patterns of people and objects in order to improve safety, workflow and efficiency at the workplace.

Nuclear facilities, logistical centers, health care facilities (hospitals and clinics), retail, warehouse, factories, sports venues and tourism are only some of the sectors from our customer list.

Our software can communicate with other databases and IoT devices making them fully adaptable to your current system. The goal of our system is to adapt to your system and work seamlessly alongside your current system, to expand its capabilities and functions.

Feel free to contact us at for any questions. Let’s discuss how we can increase your safety, security and efficiency. We’ll be happy to share with you our ideas.


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