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Kontaktieren Sie uns +49 2402 127505 111

Clean Air is a Basic Foundation for Quality of Life and Health. It is therefore Essential to Hand-le well the Air that we Breathe on a Daily Basis. We take this Task very Seriously.

With our State-of-the-Art Technology, we meet the highest Demands for Air Distribution Systems and the Strictest Requirements for Air Quality Control.

Uersfeld 24
52072 Aachen - Germany
CONTACT Anne Henning
PHONE +49 241 441-471
Krantz develops, designs and manufactures air distribution systems, cooling and heating systems for ceiling and facade installations as well as exhaust gas filtration, dampers and  clean air solutions.
We are the expert partner at your side at all times, especially concerning plant construction and  ventilation services for nuclear power stations. Our products enjoy an excellent reputation and are used where quality and reliability matters, in both public and in commercial buildings.  Examples are clean rooms, nuclear  installations, high security laboratories  and isolation wards. Our Air Technologies  and Filter & Damper Systems  department is specialised in nuclear and conventional business. This includes three nuclear and conventional business units:
  • Plant Engineering and Construction
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Measurement and control technology
Krantz also designs, manufactures and sells Filter Systems and Dampers for HVAC systems in areas with highest tightness requirements as nuclear facilities, bio-safety laboratories, isolation wards, decommissioning of chemical weapons etc. To get to know our service areas please visit our booth or


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