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SENS (Special Forces Nuclear Safety) – Nuclear emergency preparedness and response

ADDRESS SENS (Spezial Einheit Nukleare Sicherheit)
Salzstraße 8
82194 Gröbenzell - Germany
CONTACT Martin Rathgeber
PHONE +49 160 1644 564

NucTecSolutions GmbH has founded the task force SENS (Special Forces Nuclear Safety) due to several incidents involving radioactive substances.

SENS benefits of the know-how, first-class personnel and equipment from the NucTecSolutions GmbH. The focus of SENS is the development of decontamination methods, as well as decontamination and the measurement of radioactive substances after an accidental spread in buildings and urban terrain.

Specially developed systems, such as mobile negative pressure maintenance, mobile fully automated environmental monitoring systems and mobile waste treatment stations are just a few components for the accident-related handling of radioactive materials. In areas without any infrastructure, you can easily attach our radiation protection systems to buildings. Since our components are built as dual systems, it is also possible to easily set up adequate infrastructure for normal dismantling.

The combination of continuous activities in radiation protection, decommissioning activities and nuclear emergency protection is optimal for NucTecSolutions GmbH and SENS, since in case of emergency there is sufficient material, measurement equipment and a well-trained team available for deployment.

As for the decommissioning, a team with emergency protection experience in case of unpredictable events during work, is quite reasonable.


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