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Kontaktieren Sie uns +49 2402 127505 111

Nuclear Service Provider, Experienced in D&D

Zandbergen 1
2480 Dessel - Belgium
CONTACT Guido Mulier
PHONE +32 14 34 69 11

Tecnubel is a provider of integrated services for the decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear installations, with over 30 years of experience in providing advanced solutions for the nuclear industry. 

We provide a wide range of services such as the maintenance and clean-up of nuclear installations, including waste management and decommissioning. Through our subsidiary Transnubel, we transport radioactive material and provide engineering services, including the design and construction of transport and storage containers. An example of this last is the developed and licensed high integrity cask CAROLINE. This is a new developed type B(U) packaging with a large cavity for the transport and (interim) storage of high activated radioactive material and/or waste. CAROLINE can be equipped with extra shielding and/or drainage to also allow underwater loading. Next to this cask, dedicated manipulation and transportation means have been developed and are available.

We also support various nuclear players in their development of a complete Safety Culture by offering radiological protection, consultancy and safety training services.

At Tecnubel, health and safety, physical control, nuclear security and quality assurance departments are integrated, which enables to share experiences and skills. Therefore, we rely on the Transnubel physical control department to circulate the principles of a good Nuclear Safety Culture throughout the complete organization. We also benefit from the training expertise, to meet internal requirements for the development of the staff. The introduction of a single Human Resources department and implementation of a ´training and skillsª procedure that applies to the whole company, enables exchange and a faster availability of skills.

Tecnubel has become the contractor for Nuclear Safety Culture training at the Belgian Doel nuclear power plant. Moreover, as from the beginning of 2020, we will operate a prevention fire service at Doel. This service will be assured by a team of 40 Fire Safety Officers, operating 24h/24.

We obtained authorization to operate a nuclear installation in Dessel (Belgium) in order to carry out maintenance, decommissioning and decontamination works, as well as to store contaminated radioactive materials there. In 2018, we received an operating license for a second installation located at Villers-le-Bouillet (close to the Tihange NPP), to decommission equipment and material from nuclear installations from Belgium, Germany and wider abroad. With these different installations, Tecnubel also has additional controlled areas for storing the equipment needed for overhaul of the Belgian and German NPPs.

With the successful decommissioning of the Belgo-nucleaire MOX fuel facility, Tecnubel was able to bring back into its teams experienced engineers and operators who are helping with the decommissioning of German nuclear installations such as located in Duisburg, Karlsruhe and Biblis.

To conclude, Tecnubel is your partner from the beginning of your project until the end and offers a full spectrum of technical skills and capabilities in the field of decontamination and dismantling. We gained a lot of experience in D&D due to our active participation in planning and successful execution of decommissioning projects, such as the nuclear fuel factories Belgonucleaire and Framatome FBFCi in Belgium, as well as GNS in Duisburg, Germany. We own a wide range of materials and tools for executing D&D projects, including remote controlled equipment (robotized vehicles, electric and mechanical master/slave manipulators, etc.).


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