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The closure and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, particularly power reactors, present high demands regarding planning and authorization to all parties involved. In the ongoing decade several nuclear power plants will be shut down due to their operating life and political decisions, not only in Europe, but also worldwide. As a result, optimized decommissioning strategies will need  to be well-coordinated among all participants.

The ICOND focuses on the relevant legal parameters in Germany and compares decommissioning strategies worldwide. This includes roles of authorization, financial planning, and change management in the transition from nuclear power plant to decommissioned project. Furthermore the different options for interim storage and disposal of radioactive waste are discussed.


ICOND addresses operators of nuclear plants and companies who are working on the planning, implementation and supervision of decommissioning projects; authorities and technical experts whose focus includes the approval and supervisions procedure of decommissioning projects; and research institutions, which are responsible for the dismantling of research reactors and the storage and/or disposal of radioactive hazardous waste.

ICOND will enable participants to proficiently discuss the challenges of the decommissioning of nuclear plants in a practical way, and to define optimal planning variants for decommissioning implementation. Simultaneous translation (German/English) will be available.


Eurogress Aachen
Monheimsallee 48
52062 Aachen




The ICOND always addresses current aspects of nuclear decommissioning and increasingly includes the resulting experience.

The reviews of the conference contents and impressions of the past years can be found at the above year figures:

In November 2022 the 11th ICOND again took place at the Eurogress in Aachen. More than 460 participants and 51 companies presented their products and services in the accompanying exhibition. The biggest ICOND so far.

The pre-conference workshop was dedicated to innovative methods and technologies of radioactive waste and plant characterization, as well as material transport during dismantling. The most modern coating process, cold gas spraying, was also presented. This coating process allows corrosion and wear resistant coatings with high final density, high thermal and electrical conductivity and homogeneity.

The keynote was given by Dr. Cord-Heinrich Lefhalm, Head of Decommissioning Management at RWE Nuclear GmbH with his talk about “Innovations for efficient dismantling “. After he had outlined the decommissioning progress in the RWE fleet, he explained the optimization potential for increasing efficiency on concrete projects. The particular challenges of implementing these optimizations in the industrial nuclear environment were analysed by him and numerous questions were asked from the audience. Peter Berben, Head of ENGIES´s Decision for Decommissioning and Management of Radioactive Waste, gave a status update on the Belgian decommissioning program. Presentations in the thematic block “Strategies and Market Developments” presented VR-supported decommissioning projects, as well as holistic AI-based project planning tools that enable efficiency improvements in decommissioning projects. Subsequently, ongoing projects and lessons learned were presented. Dr. Ralf Versemann (Hochtemperatur - Kernkraftwerk GmbH) presented the experiences after 25 years of safe enclosure of the thorium high-temperature reactor (THTR). Representatives of the Spanish stat-owned company for the decommissioning and disposal of nuclear facilities and waste (ENRESA) vividly presented the entire dismantling of the Jose Cabrera NPP. Tuesday’s grand finale was the Conference Dinner sponsored by ENGIE and EQUANS at Schloss Rahe. After an extensive dinner a DJ created an exuberant party atmosphere.

The dismantling of a reactor building ceiling crane by means of scaffolding, as well as the topics: robotics, cutting and decontamination technologies, as well as the modelling of logistics in the NPP were presented on the second day of the conference in the thematic block “Decommissioning Technologies”. Newly developed tools, such as a mobile attachment for automated crack milling or for cold cutting of nozzles of the reactor pressure vessel were presented. Thierry Delvigne from Syscade opened with his presentation on improved activity determination of waste drums on “Plant and Waste Characterization” and Dr. Bo Cederwall concluded with his presentation of neutron gamma emission tomography. The last day of the conference was opened by Niels Belmans from the SCK CEN Academy on the “EURAD School of Radioactive Waste Management & Release”. Arne Larsson from Cyclife Sweden AB rounded off the topic block "Residual material management & release" with his presentation on the release and recycling of metals into new products, to a coherent overall package.

Proven network formats such as “Business Speed Networking” were also very popular again. At the "Get Together" numerous new business deals and cooperations were initiated in a relaxed atmosphere. As part of the “Exhibitor Road Show”, the exhibiting companies introduced themselves to several small groups within 2 minutes. Students and young professionals established initial contacts with potential future employers in the “Meet your Company”. We were enthused about the positive feedback and are look forward to welcoming you back to the ICOND 2023 (Nov 13th-16th 2023) in Aachen.

Anniversary for the ICOND! The 10th ICOND could again take place in October 2021 as a presence event in the Eurogress Aachen. While 37 speakers lectured on market developments and their experiences with international dismantling projects, 45 companies presented their products and services in the fully booked exhibition. Due to the pandemic, there were fewer international participants, but the attendees made good use of the opportunities for new contacts at the proven Business Speed Networking, the Get Together or the Exhibitor Road Show. During the Exhibitor Road Show, participants were guided through the exhibition and the contact persons of the companies presented their decommissioning specific services and products.

The pre-conference workshop focused on the topics of innovative products and process digitalization. Among others, innovative products for laser cutting, laser decontamination, robotics and non-destructive characterization were presented.

The conference was opened by David Peattie, CEO of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority UK, who spoke about current market developments in the UK. How companies are successfully navigating the growing global return market was presented by Dr Jochen Latz of McKinsey & Company, Inc. The presentations by Dr Gabriele Greifeneder of PreussenElektra and Prof. Hartmut Gaßner of the law firm Gassner, Groth, Siederer & Coll. addressed the issue of landfilling cleared radioactive resdues from German NPP decommissioning and rounded off the numerous international contributions.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the 9th edition of ICOND took place in the form of a virtual conference called ICOND DIGITAL 2020.
On the first day, the pre-recorded presentations, which were released in blocks, dealt with the topics of strategies and market developments. Here, Dr. Guido Knott, Managing Director of the largest German operator of nuclear power plants, presented the "Deconstruction Strategy for the Power Plant Fleet of PreussenElektra". In the thematic block "Project status and experience", Bernhard Olm spoke about the "Planning and construction of a dismantling hall for the large components" of EWN. In the cooperation lecture between ORANO and EWN, the "Remotely handled dismantling and packaging of activated waste and core internals" was presented.

The second day focused on digitalization concepts in the context of decommissioning. Various presentations showed the opportunities and optimization potential through the digitalization of decommissioning processes. The second block of the day focused on the latest decontamination processes, such as laser decontamination, among others.
The last day of ICOND DIGITAL 2020 was dedicated to the topic of characterization & waste management, where practical aspects and technical advances were presented on the basis of various projects for the radiological and material characterization of radioactive waste.

The 8th edition of ICOND took place in November 2019 at the Eurogress Aachen in cooperation with ENGIE. More than 370 international participants visited this year´s ICOND and were informed about current market developments by 32 expert speakers. In the accompanying and significantly enlarged exhibition, 48 companies presented their products and services.

The conference was opened by Mr. Henry Cordes, Chairman of the EWN Management Board, with a presentation on EWN´s waste treatment strategies and the planned ESTRAL interim storage. Slightly more than half of the contributions came from abroad, for example Mr. Martin Andreasson from NND presented on the decommissioning planning of nuclear facilities in Norway, while Dr. Cédric Carasco from the CEA in France gave a lecture on techniques currently under development for the characterization of radioactive waste.

Our Business Speed Networking and the ensuing Get Together enabled participants to make new contacts and get in contact with other experts, while the exhibitors were able to present themselves to individually guided groups during an Exhibitor Road Show.

The ICOND 2018 was opened with a key note by Stephan Krüger from PreussenElektra. As the responsible manager for the decommissioning of the company's nuclear power plants, he explained the fleet strategy for optimized dismantling.

The growing number of international contributions shared experiences of foreign participants. For example, the current status of the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant ZION in the USA was the subject of a lecture. In the Pre-Conference Workshop, European participants, supplemented by national presentations, spoke about new technologies in the field of dismantling such as Laser Cutting Technology, Surface Treatment or Measurement Systems.

In addition, there were presentations on project organization and market development. Dr. Jochen Latz of McKinsey & Company focused on market perspectives for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and relevant success factors to successfully assert oneself internationally in the field of dismantling.

In November 2017, ICOND took place for the sixth time in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland and the Belgian companies TECNUBEL and TRACTEBEL. With 310 participants from nearly twenty nations, the number of participants increased for the third year in a row. More than twenty companies used the fully booked exhibition space in the Eurogress Aachen to present their dismantling-specific products and services to the specialist audience.

ICOND 2017 focused on the reorientation of the nuclear industry due to the nuclear phase-out in Germany. Miss Dr. Ruth Welsing of the law firm Kümmerlein, attorneys and notaries presented the changes by the law on the reorganization of responsibility in nuclear waste disposal adopted in 2017. According to the law, the power plant operators are to be responsible for the entire handling and financing of the areas of decommissioning, dismantling and professional packaging radioactive waste. However, the federal government will be responsible for the "implementation and financing of interim and final storage" in the future. Mr. Wolfgang Honetschläger, responsible for the dismantling projects at EnBW Kernkraft GmbH, spoke about the holistic strategy for the dismantling of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. The presented corporate strategy dealt with the following tasks: approval and personnel management, disposal of residues and final disposal preparations. The first decommissioning activities in Neckarwestheim were presented.

The international exchange of experience took place both in plenary sessions, based on initial presentations by participants from Taiwan and Russia, and during the Pre-Conference Workshop, which for the first time focused on the specific features of the decommissioning of nuclear research institutions.

The fifth International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning (ICOND)  was held in November 2016 in cooperation with TUV Rheinland and the Belgian company TECNUBEL in the Eurogress in Aachen. Of the approximately 290 participants, 32% came from abroad, underscoring the trend of an increasing internationalization of ICOND. In addition, more than twenty companies presented new products and services throughout the event and used the opportunity to cultivate or establish contacts.

The focus of the 2016  ICOND was on the latest developments in the fields of decommissioning and nuclear waste disposal, as well as on experiences from ongoing decommissioning projects in Germany and abroad. Ms. Heinen-Esser, Managing Director of the newly founded Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE), presented the results of the “Commission on the Storage of High-level Radioactive Waste.” Mr. Homan, Managing Director of PreussenElektra, reported on the planning of their own decommissioning projects and future developments.

The „4th International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning – ICOND“ was in 2015 again organized in cooperation with the TÜV Rheinland and was held for the first time in the recently opened World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany. In addition to the 250 Participants two dozen companies used the opportunity to establish contacts and present new products in the exhibition area of the brand new and modern conference center.

The scope of participants in 2015 comprised representatives of the industry, technical supervision, security commissions, regulatory authorities and utilities as well as representatives of the national and international press. The conference focused subtasks of the decommissioning projects and technologies which are needed therefore, compared decommission strategies and presented legal frame conditions.

With 27% participation from abroad the internationality increased compared to the previous years, which reflects the interest in innovative decommission technologies and the experiences in Germany.

During the Pre-Conference Workshop participants shared experiences about various technologies from worldwide decommissioning projects. The beginning of the conference focused on economic optimization approaches of nuclear decommissioning and got completed with the panel discussion about time and cost risks during the decommission. Within the 32 lectures the speakers presented beside the current status of the nuclear phase out in Germany also different international perspectives and strategies.

We are glad about the positive feedback and the great interest in the ICOND, to which we will gladly welcome you again in November 2016.

The ICOND 2014 was organized in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland and the british company Amec, today Amec Foster Wheeler, in the CCW of Messe Essen, Germany.  The conference brought 300 representatives from industry, technical monitoring and regulatory authorities together. Experts from RWE, E.ON, Vattenfall, EnBW, EDF, GDF Suez and Belgonucléaire were among the participants. The majority of the participants were from the operational and strategic management.

Due to 25% foreign participation, the ICOND 2014 was more international than the previous years. Key issues of the Pre-Conference Workshop for the international participants were options and strategies to access the German market. Also the legally and administrative framework in Germany and innovative dicommsissioning technologies were presented.

Legal aspects of a possible foundation model to fund the decommissioning and disposal of radioactive waste in Germany were mainly discussed at the conference. Furthermore strategies for dismantling management and cost effective decommissioning were introduced from foreign speakers. How can we keep up with the calculated time and budget and which risks do exist?

Especially discussed was the benchmarking of decommissioning project management. The disposal and final storage of radioactive waste, as well as the new EU Basic Safety Standards including the regulations for release were part of the final topic session. The opportunity of the accompanying exhibition used 26 companies to get in touch with decision makers and to present new products.

The ICOND 2013 was carried out in cooperation with the TÜV Rheinland at the Eurogress Aachen congress centre. Over 300 participants - mainly representatives of the nuclear industry and utilities - discussed the current challenges of the nuclear power plant decommissioning caused by the phase out concept of the federal government. The speakers presented at the conference their expertise and best practice solutions and encouraged so discussions with the audience. The topics included decommissioning strategies and project management. In particular this addressed the question: What core competencies are recommended to hold by the utilities and which range of activities should be covered, from an economic point of view, by the service or supplier industry?

Speakers and participants also grappled with the competence and motivation preservation in a changing corporate structure. In relation to this issue concrete procedures in the field of change management were presented. In addition, the treatment of waste from decommissioning radioactive waste has been an issue. The possibilities and constraints of the two disposal concepts "cut and packaging" and "long time storage" were analyzed and compared. The President of the German Atomic Forum, Dr. Ralf Güldner, addressed in his opening speech the actual situation in Germany, where he does not expect an operating license for final disposal Konrad before 2021. A total of 17 companies took advantage of the accompanying exhibition, to present their expertise and to establish the basis for follow up discussions with potential customers. Retrospective the representatives of the exhibiting companies welcomed the quality of discussions and questions from the participants.

"We welcome the dialogue on strategic and technical approval tasks between the experts" said the Managing Director of AiNT Andreas Havenith and amend "with the ICOND 2013 in Aachen, we would like to point out the good infrastructure and expertise in the region of Aachen and Jülich" Since the winter term 2010 the master program Nuclear Safety Engineering exists at the RWTH Aachen University.

The International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning 2012 was organized by AiNT in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland. The event with 300 participants and 10 exhibitors was fully booked. The lectures dealt with the withdrawal from nuclear energy and the according parameters predetermined by the German Federal Government. Two lawyers discussed the legal aspects of the decommissioning and post-shut-down-phase. Other speakers also talked about different possibilities to tighten and speed-up the approval procedure. Companies working in the nuclear industry and the operators of nuclear power plants presented successful decommissioning projects. Furthermore the lessons learned from the experience so far were discussed.


The program for the next ICOND will be published here in June 2023.
For your orientation you will find the program of ICOND 2022 below.






Dr. Andreas Havenith – AiNT GmbH - DEU
13:15 Optimization Through Mobile Equipment for D&D
Dr. Hauke Grages – Framatome GmbH - DEU
13:40 Site Characterization with ViridiScope, a Laser Tool for Remote Sampling
Andy Lee – Viridian Consultants - GBR
14:05 Corrosion and Wear-Resistant Coatings for Nuclear Applications by using High-Pressure Cold Spray Technology
Markus Brotsack – Impact Innovations GmbH – DEU
14:30 Radiological Characterization of Waste: from free Release Measurements up to the Measurement of High Active Waste
Dr. Marina Sokcic-Kostic - NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services GmbH – DEU
15:30 Measurement Challenges in Decommissioning
Dr. Matthias Fritzsche – Mirion Technologies (CANBERRA) GmbH – DEU
15:55 NuVISION - Portable Spectrometric Gamma Imaging System
Lukas Funke – NUVIA Instruments GmbH – DEU
16:20 Automated Internal Transportation of Decommissioning Material through Narrow Spaces, as well as the Outward Transfer of Releasable Material into the Monitoring Area
Jan Lederer – IEM FörderTechnik GmbH – DEU


Dr. Andreas Havenith – AiNT GmbH


12:50 Innovations for Efficient Decommissioning
Dr. Cord-Henrich Lefhalm – RWE Nuclear GmbH – DEU
13:15 Status of ENGIE’s Belgian NPP Decommissioning Program
Peter Berben – ENGIE Corporate – BEL
13:40 360° Decommissioning Planning - Deconstruction Thought from the End Holistic AI-supported Mapping and Control of the Deconstruction Process
Oliver Wagner – RODIAS GmbH – DEU
14:05 Virtual Decommissioning Management (Case Study)
Jyrki Jauhiainen – Sweco – SWE
14:30 Decommissioning of NPP: Firebrigade Planning and Dynamical Adjustment of Fire Precautions
Nico Oestreich – Lülf+ Sicherheitsberatung GmbH – DEU
sponsored by
15:40 GNS Multipurpose Casks for Decommissioning - The Right Cask for Every Case
Dr. Luc Schlömer, Dr. Sascha Klappert – GNS mbH – DEU



Decommissioning of the Thorium High-Temperature Reactor (THTR) – Experience of more than 20 Years of Safe Enclosure Operation
Dr. Ralf Versemann, Stefan Züll – Hochtemperatur-Kernkraftwerk GmbH (HKG) – DEU
16:30 Interactive Summary of the Jose Cabrera NPP Decommissioning Project after Achieving Demolition and Waste Management Completion, to the final Site Restoration Phase
Diego Espejo Hernando – ENRESA – ESP
16:55 Waste Logistics for the Deep Geological Repository in Switzerland
Dr. Susanne Pudollek – Nationale Genossenschaft für die Lagerung radioaktiver Abfälle (Nagra) – CHE
sponsored by








09:00 Decommissioning of the Hot Cell Facility at Karlsruhe - Status and Lessons Learned
Renée Engert – Kerntechnische Entsorgung Karlsruhe GmbH (KTE) – DEU
09:25 Waste Logistics Stream Model to Enhance and Optimize Decommissioning and Dismantling Projects
Jean-Luc Flouttard – Cyclife Digital Solutions – FRA
09:50 Dismantling of the Main Overhead Crane inside the Containment Building
Tom Rücker – Balcke-Dürr Nuklear Service GmbH – DEU
11:00 TREX: Introducing a Generic and Versatile Framework for Telerobotics with Force-Feedback
Dr. Jerome Perret – Haption GmbH – DEU
11:25 Disassembly Procedure for RPV Internals
Frederic Weigert – ORANO GmbH – DEU, Ronald Strysewske – EWN GmbH – DEU
11:50 Cold-Cutting Method for Dismantling of Elements of a Nuclear Power Plant Reactor
Günter Cramer – TRAWEMA GmbH – DEU
12:15 LUNCH
13:30 Mobile Attachment for Automated Crack Overmilling - MAARISS
Birte Froebus – Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Institut für Technologie und Management im Baubetrieb – DEU
13:55 Laser Ablation Rapidly Becoming a Fundamental Decontamination Technology
Sergej Retich – Clean-Lasersyteme GmbH – DEU


Combining X-Ray Inspection and Radiologic Characterization for a Better Evaluation of Total Radioactivity Content in Nuclear Waste Drums
Thierry Delvigne – Syscade – BEL
sponsored by
15:15 A Low-Cost In-Situ Characterization of Nuclear Waste via a Spectroscopic Radiation Measurement and UHF RFID Tagging Handheld Integrated into the Radwaste Characterization and Classification Management Software
Giacomo Mangiagalli – CAEN SpA – ITA
15:40 EMOS - Development of a Mobile, Automated, Optical Inspection System for Radioactive Drums
Tania Barretto – Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Institut für Technologie und Management im Baubetrieb – DEU
16:05 Advanced Spectrometry Techniques for Waste Packages Characterization and Radiological Mapping
José Luis Leganés Nieto – ENRESA – ESP
16:30 Characterization of Radioactive Waste Based on Neutron-Gamma Emission Tomography (ARCTERIX)
Dr. Bo Cederwall – KTH Royal Institute of Technology – SWE
sponsored by




09:00 The EURAD School of Radioactive Waste Management
Niels Belmans – SCK CEN Academy – BEL
09:25 SAFETEC ACADEMY - Our Path to Nuclear Excellence
Torge Heinz – Safetec Entsorgungs- und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH – DEU
10:30 Building European Nuclear Competence through Education and Training Actions
Prof. Gabriel Pavel – European Nuclear Education Network – EU


10:55 NES - Soil Measurement Facility
Gerald Ernst – Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf GmbH – AUT
11:20 Disposal of Cleared Waste from the Demolition of the Switched off
Nuclear Power Plants in Schleswig-Holstein
Dr. Andreas Wasielewski – Ministerium für Energiewende, Landwirtschaft, Umwelt, Natur und Digitalisierung, Schleswig-Holstein – DEU
11:45 Standardization of Clearance and Disposal - National and International Developments
Matthias Bothe – VKTA – DEU
12:10 Decommissioning of the BR3 Biological Shield: How a Proper Data Analysis Facilitates the D&D Process
Wouter Broeckx – SCK CEN – BEL
12:35 Free Release and Recycling of Metals into New Products
Arne Larsson – Cyclife Sweden AB (EDF-Group) – SWE





This is the booth plan for the exhibition of the ICOND 2023.


Helena Schunk and Sabine Leisten
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This is the booth plan for the exhibition of the ICOND 2022.







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The concept in short:

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Helena Schunk and
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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.
Status of the information 13.01.2023


The International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning (ICOND) is held on an annual basis. The same questions often come up from employees, visitors and exhibitors. In order to answer these questions more quickly, we have created the FAQ.


What safety measures regarding CORONA apply during the ICOND?

Currently there are no restrictions.

During the event, the valid Corona Protection Ordinance for the State of NRW applies.

The current Corona Protection Ordinance can be found HERE.


In which form will the ICOND 2023 take place?

The ICOND will be held exclusively as a face-to-face event.

How many participants are expected at ICOND 2023?

This year we expect more than 350 participants.

How many exhibitors will be at ICOND 2023?
This year about 60 companies will present themselves in the exhibition. Under the tab "Exhibitors" you will find all exhibitors.
How many speakers will present during ICOND 2023?

Around 37 speakers will share their experiences and projects.

I have suggestions for improvement and/or constructive criticism.

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You can decide individually on which days you would like to participate. Please contact us at

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You can also attend the ICOND without pre-registration. A registration takes place at our registration desk at the venue. - Please note that the conference fee must be paid in cash.

What is included in the conference fee of participants?
  • Access to simultaneously translated presentations
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You can enter the number of participants in the " Booking " tab and add additional participants under “remarks”.

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You can register a maximum of 2 persons as booth personnel (NO admission to the lectures!). You will find the registration for this in the exhibitor registration form. If you would like to attend the presentations, please register as a regular participant.

What is included in the booth staff fee?
  • Access to the exhibition
  • Business Speed Networking
  • Exhibitor Road Show
  • Get Together
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  • Full catering concept (all drinks, snacks and lunch are included)
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Will there be a print version of the 2023 Book of Abstracts and what is the circulation?
There will be a printed Book of Abstract for ICOND 2023. It will include the abstracts of the presentations, company profiles and the ICOND program. We intend a print run of 1,000 copies. The Book of Abstracts will be handed out to each participant at the ICOND and will also be sent by mail to national as well as international users and interested parties.
At what times can I set up and dismantle my booth

The exhibition can be set up on Monday, 13.11.2023, between 10 am to 4 pm. 

Dismantling will take place on Thursday, 16.11.2023, between 2 pm to 4 pm.


Is there a power supply?

Each stand has a 220V supply.

When does the booked furniture arrive?

The booked furniture will arrive during the set-up times on Monday.

I am not an exhibitor at the ICOND but would still like to advertise my company with a company profile in the Book of Abstracts. Is that possible?

Yes, you are welcome to present your company in the Book of Abstracts on a single or double page, as required, and to present nuclear-specific services or technologies. For booking, please complete the application and the template available here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ms. Schunk at +49 2402 10215 00 or via

How can I sponsor the ICOND?

We offer an individual solution for every company size and budget. Whether you are interested in tote bag or lanyard sponsorship, want your company logo on the napkins at the luncheon, or want the Get Together to be held in your name - contact us! Ms. Schunk will be happy to advise you at +49 2402-10215 00 or via

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What is the delivery address?

Eurogress Aachen
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Where can I find the current program?

The program for the next ICOND will be published in June 2023. On our website under the tab “Program”. Please note that the program can change and the print media cannot always be up to date.

I would like to submit a presentation.

We welcome your contribution! Please send us your short completed contribution form to

Will the presentations be published?

A summary of the presentations can be found in the Book of Abstracts. The presentation slides will be made available for download by participants in a password-protected area after the ICOND. Each participant will receive the password in their name badge.

How long will the presentation slides be available at the media libary?

The presentation slides will be available in the media library for registered attendees until Dec. 23, 2023, and can be viewed at any time.

What is the Exhibitor Road Show?

The Exhibitor Road Show is based on the principle of an elevator pitch. The exhibiting companies have 2 minutes to briefly introduce themselves. The participants will be divided into small groups and will visit selected booths within 45 minutes. After the Road-Show there will be enough time to have a coffee and/or something to eat.

What is the Business Speed Networking?

During Business Speed Networking, you can make up to 20 new contacts within 60 minutes.

The principle in a nutshell:

  • 5 people per bar table and round
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after 10 minutes there is a change within 2 minutes to the next table

How will exhibitors be involved in the ICOND program?

Exhibitors will be included as part of the established Exhibitor Road Show (2 minutes of exhibitor presentation time to a smaller guided group).

What is the Meet your Company?

Companies which are looking for skilled workers enable students and young professionals to participate in the ICOND by paying their conference fee. During the "Meet your Company" event, short discussions are held to get to know each other, which can be deepened during the subsequent Get Together.

How can I apply for sponsorship as a student or young professional?

Please apply using this form.

What does the sponsorship involve?

The sponsorship includes the cost coverage by a company for the entire participation in the ICOND (excl. travel to and from the event & accommodation). You will have to pay for your own travel and accommodation costs.

My company would like to participate in Meet your Company and sponsor student(s) or young professional(s).

We are looking forward to your request! Please contact Ms. Schunk at +49 2402-102 15 00 or via

Which hotels can you recommend?
HERE you can find a list of conveniently located hotels as well as information on individual contingent arrangements (valid until 6 weeks before the start) for ICOND participants.
What is the nearest airport to ICOND?

By plane, we recommend arriving via the nearest airports Cologne (approx. 80 km away) or Düsseldorf (90 km). Brussels and Frankfurt airports are 150 km and 250 km away respectively.

What is the nearest train station to ICOND?

Aachen HBF as the nearest train station is located about 1.8 km from the venue Eurogress.

What is the name of the bus stop at the ICOND venue?

The name of the bus stop is Eurogress.

Is there a public transportation schedule?

You can check your bus connection under the following link: Bus schedule Aachen

You can simply mark the start and destination on the map.

I will be traveling by car. Are there parking possibilities at the venue?

About 100m from the Eurogress is a sufficiently large parking garage (1.00 € / 60 min.)

The name of the parking garage is Eurogress